often, like identical snowflakes

we form the same thought

snowflakes generated apart

under differing influence

but yet the same in shape

size and intricate pattern

said not to be possible

but I have seen it myself

right there, when you text

saying, pick up xzy or abc

and it’s already in the cart

or when I start to explain

and I stop cuz you get it

without words or looks

it’s already formed there

like it was my very own

formed there without seed

just happened to appear

exactly the same somewhere

somewhere other than here

On Writing Drafts of Poetry

A few words caught
in the gossamer net of thought
On constant replay,
“The winnowing whistle of the wind”
or “Light licks it’s way up the wall”
tickle like a feather
poking through a down comforter,
emerging, trying to be born
by archaically setting them to paper
or virtually speaking, typed to screen
prompt more words like water on seeds
a growth of lines, organic and fragile
stretch out in all directions,
needing to be trained, like grapevines
stretching along a post,
massaged into place on the page
so they present the best stanzas,
the choicest and fullest fruit
to take to market and sell.


a glade of used water glasses

surround Burrito bit blanketed dinner plates

dirty from last night last minute TV time feeding

flanked by a large blue bowl – one of set — redolent

of her meal — dehydrated snakelike raman noodles

and Monday’s night’s frying pan, flecks of cheese fried on

from homemade quesadilla night, quick easy meal

tonight, sushi, no clean up


the soft lick of breeze
on sun slapped cheek
like the touch of down
upon cold bared skin
Or like slivered sun
barely breaking dark
though closed blinds
with chance of change
or the fast fleeting flash
into something greater
something that is more

Forbidden Thread

A loose thread hanging free from a hem with a tiny persistently begging little voice

digging into the ear like water torture

“Pull me, pull me, please set me free!”

Becomes an unscratchable growing itch just below neck between shoulder   blades

the Midwest on the map of the back