Does the tone of music produces say anything about mood?

As someone that struggles with bipolar disorder, I find music impacts me at a very visceral level.  I don’t know how it is for ‘normies” (i.e. people without mental or emotion disorders), but music can, and often does, impact my mood in very intense ways.

That said, it’s not always as you might think.  When depressed I often respond positively to chaotic music such as heavy metal or the craziest of the Grateful Dead’s jams…and when manic or on the upper swing, I respond more positively to darker, or ominous music.

I wonder if this is same for the music I produce when in a given state?

Take a listen to this and tell me what moods it elicits in you — it’s a beginning of a piece I am working on.  Right now, it’s all electronic, but I will be adding guitar work in the future.

I know it’s much to listen to, yet….it’s rough and kinda dark….but it’s a start and as I get better and doing this, these should improve.  Plus, i am doing this one a nanoKey2 — I am guitarist by nature, so translating stuff to, or composing from, any or keyboard is a learning curve.  Not bad for a first timer though, huh?