Death Metal

The crunching chug
– a – chug – a chug
overdriven guitars
massage earphoned
ear drums keeping
perfect one two
three four repetition
timed with bottom
dropping big bass
kick drums pounding
alongside screaming
slinky string solos
punched periodically
with throat ripping
growls and grunts
an odd instrument
in itself completes
the final assualt

Psychedelic guitar work with computer help!

Added another song to sound cloud, check it out….not the best a really high volume.  It’s pretty shrill in areas, I gotta figure out how to pull that out a bit.

But it’s a full song…I will probably work on it more and remove and re-add versions to sound cloud but this is my work today.

It’s called Through the Gate into Bliss, check it out HERE.

Dark Star — A Poem in Tribute to The Grateful Dead’s “Dark Star”

Tentative tinkering
up/down (de)tuning
Soft roll on cymbals,
and sweep of scales
the anticipation
of a true medoly
or a steady rhythm
morphs slowly,
up swelling,
crashing disparate
lines like thoughts
all disorganized
gently asserting
then pulling in
behind a guitar
pinging a phrase
then letting go
to infant chords
played on keys
or another guitar
working to be born
into a steady riff
but falling back
into a miasma
of separate sounds
strangely stitching
themselves together
into a single
slowly soaring
song that never


This poem is for any Grateful Dead fans out there….