Just a Quick Note from S1541

Hey all,

I know I have blasted out a bunch of poetry today and wanted to be sure I practiced full disclosure — some of the poems are complete re-writes of previous poems I have either posted here or on an old blog that I am not writing to anymore.

Many of my poems come to me quickly (between meetings at work, let’s say) and get them down as best I can and clear as I can.  Eventually I go back and re-read them and get the itch to change something — and the result is sometimes a whole new poem.  The entire meaning of the first poem is wiped away and something new springs forth — I have to publish this!  Yes!

So, sorry if you’ve read any of these before in different forms or similar, but brushed up, forms.  I am at least trying to add a new poem a day — or as close to daily as I can. 🙂 Follow through for me is a bit hard. 🙂

So, yeah — thank you!

Technical Difficults — really a PIBKAC error

Sorry about the confusion and double posts and stuff….my posts weren’t showing up on the reader, i think cuz I was playing with an external host and trying different things.

Anyway, I said to hell it with and went straight WordPress, much easier and I reach all your fine folks, so you can (enjoy) read(ing) my poems, listening to my (dare I call it) music, and see all of my wife’s art work.

Also, I switched my name and the name of the blog…I am no longer Angry1541….while I was never really angry, the name gave that impression and I didn’t want that to be the case any longer….

Anyway, back up and running….phew.

PIBKAC = problem between keyboard and chair, btw.