Cold clean clear running rivulets
from the late spring snow storm
run a crooked cracked sidewalk line
merging, diverging and merging
around a discarded, wash-up bottle cap
a barren flat topped man-made island
Leaving curved etching in grains of sand
that tumble like boulders in glacial run off
collecting and creating countless drumlins
shovel loosed grass form dense archipelagos
just beneath an easy curbside waterfall
where a tributary runs joins a larger river
increasing in current and continues to widen
as it merges once again just before diverging
through a street-end stick/leaf clogged sluice
pouring into a yet larger river underground
flowing increasing with more and more streams
until after many days joining the violent currents
cold waters of upper Mississippi and flowing down
To the south, leaving the mouth to Gulf of Mexico
and the sea.

Fresh Snow

Fresh white sheet

on a newly made bed

smooth and featureless

save for lonely large prints

meandering wild and drunkenly

toward a far and distant darkening

thick woods shrouded in evening light

where prints quickly dissolve among shadows

like thoughts caught between awake and asleep