As I leave therapy, the truck drives lightly
Past dark bare mid-fall trees between traffic
lanes standing strikingly proud at noon day
in the cool fall sun, there! a denuded maple,
leafless elm, two green pine, don’t look dead
dejected embarrassed for all foliage’s failings
in their apparently unabashed and full nudity

The Nudity of Trees

Noticed, driving back to work
from a therapist appointment
How the truck floats, light
On the road passing dark bare
Mid-fall trees, between traffic
lanes, standing strikingly
proud in the noon day bright
shining sun, A denuded maple,
leafless elm, two green pine
Don’t look dead, or dejected
for all of foliage’s failings
But strong, tall and defiant
despite their apparent nudity.

Trees — A poem about….well…Trees.

Towering green leafed goliaths
tall true behemoths of biomass
standing firm and still footed
gripping fast and deep to ground
Offering haven for hunting hawks
safehouses of scurrying squirrels
perches for robins to rest and nest





I am not sure this one is done yet….I have more to say about ‘Trees”, but I kinda like the last line as end…so I might have to insert more in the middle…we’ll see what I feel like later.  🙂  Opinions/critiques (as always) happily welcomed and encouraged.